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Hello autumn - or when the heat is gone
October 2nd, 2023

For me, it really changes everything! It means, I can be outside and active during the day without suffering a sunstroke and wanting to have a cold shower every 5 minutes. As my painting space is a winter garden with the sun shining in all afternoon and evening - during full on summer, it´s almost impossible to sit there and paint, let alone work standing up on a large canvas – no way! Therefore, I don´t really do a lot of painting during August and July, but as soon as temperatures drop, I am back in the studio to spend most of my afternoons painting and exploring again. Also, the overall rhythm of life changes, outdoor activities such as gardening, going for walks become enjoyable again during the day. Another aspect of summer on our little island is the huge amount of people who come to spend their holiday here, even in our small village you hardly find a spot to park, lots of traffic and people everywhere – in September there start to be less people and a more calm energy can be felt at last. The first rains encourage the grass to grow again where there was only bare red earth before. Just yesterday I spotted some tiny flowers in the forest behind our house, so beautiful to see that nature is coming back to life again! And very secretly, I am starting to look forward to light my wood stove at some point in October ;-) I just love it when the intensity of heat and humidity is lifted from us and the island´s rhythm is finally slowing down. The flowers on the pictures bellow are typically coming out in autumn, on some fields you can see big crowds of them, and as they are really tall, it looks quite funny :-) What do you love about autumn? Drop me a message, I always love to hear from you!


This piece is available for sale, for details, just click here It is one of my small paintings on paper, but you can also view larger work in my shop .

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